Monday, 30 May 2016

MadPea Summer Sensation

MadPea has really outdone themselves for the June round of The arcade.
I always expect fun from MadPea but this fun interactive set 
is even better than expected and better than any poster can show!
The pinata is animated with falling candy.
The Rare Radio has music notes and a large assortment of music to play.
The fireworks are beautiful!
Hands down, this is a MUST HAVE this round.  

So, a lot has changed since my last post, life has been busy! Real life  Second Life.
After months with a special someone, I am now married and after some
land issues (a neighbors wall specifically) we have moved into 
the most amazing open water access sim.  This is the setting for the photos, so welcome to a sneak peak of our new home! \o/
I can feel the excitement of The Arcade building, the buzz is in the air and in my  blood!
Yes, the addiction is real but it's what makes life fun!

If you haven't heard, The Arcade is doing something new this round.
Special pull prizes when you play each machine a certain number of times.
MadPea has included a special HUD for their 50 pull prize.  
I won't spill the beans but it's great for the summer parties coming up!
If you look close, you just might be able to tell!

May the Rares be forever in your favor this round!

MadPea's Mad Hot Summer Party


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