Tuesday, 23 May 2017

The Wall of Words Campaign By Isabella Minoptra

A new campaign has kicked off in Second Life.

 The Wall of Words
                                                     By Isabella Minoptra
        Every day we see it or hear about it in second life. Most of us have been verbally attacked here by someone with an assumption or a grudge, and some of us might even have lost our tempers and said some of these words ourselves.  In a world were all we have to share is our words and our emotions what we say has a profound effect.
      I decided to begin this wall of words after having a confrontation and realizing that the persons words had effected me a great deal more then i would have thought possible.  It was this feeling, and the sudden realization that my words in a moment of anger might make another feel the same way the brought me to build the wall of words. 
     We all need to realize that our words hold power, and that in a world where we do not have the physical, that bullying and abuses still happen and we as a society need to stand up and say NO.  Help me break down the wall, raise awareness to the problem, by taking your picture with the poses available on the wall and posting to all of your social media forms and your profile.  Let everyone know that you will not stand for this, nor will you take part in Verbal abuses of any kind.
As Long as ignorance and intolerance prevail in our society we will all continue to pay the price.

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